I have done everything I can. 

I have faced many problems a day. 

I have found many solutions to the problems in a day. 

Still they persist. 

As much as I fight it out with all my might there is still something that hasn’t been achieved. 

I fight and I fight

I solve and I solve

I move forward and onward

And yet I am still in the same spot. 

I can only work on things that are in my control. When external forces work against you what can you do? 

Is there anything more I can do? 

I am not accepting defeat. And yet there is this sense of drowning under the pressure, soffocating, trying my best to breathe…is there anything more I can do? 

I am in a creative field. It is a collaborative field where finance works hand in hand with creativity. There are departments, artists, technicians and then there is me trying to push everyone forward. 

Can I do more? 

Yes. Stay positive amidst chaos. 


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