So the new year has begun! Welcome 2016!!! Hoping for renewed energy, hope, peace and a lot of laughter! 

The long weekend of New Year’s Eve I couldn’t travel. I was working on 31st. Though I didn’t work from office on 2nd or 3rd I was still coordinating a lot of things for work. Phone calls, emails, texts kept me busy. Stress was always a companion. 

But I was stubborn! 

This past year was stressful, hectic and all that I didn’t like. I was determined that the three days though I couldn’t travel would feel like I was on holiday. 

So was I successful you ask? 

Partially. Of course work did keep me a little occupied. Still I managed to have a restful and fun weekend! 

So here are my 5 Quirky ways to make your weekend in the city feel like you’re on holiday! 

Quirky way 1

Go out for a lazy lunch with your partner and or a friend…

Sip on wine munch on starters and have a hearty chat with close ones. In this hectic busy social world we forget to actually just talk. Is there anything better than that? And why lunch and not dinner? Coz if you get drunk you have time to sober up and still have a fun evening! I did this and had bucket loads of fun. 

Quirky way 2

Call your close friends at home but don’t cook! No stress on holidays is what makes us crave them so much. So remove any planning or work. Just order drinks and takeout. Relax and unwind in the company of some of the closest people you know. They know you well so all you have to do is have a drink, talk nonsense and have lots of laughs! 

Quirky way 3

Revisit childhood! I played a lot of board games these past few days. From Monopoly  to scrabble to Ludo to snakes and ladders. I have got addicted to monopoly cards completely! It’s fun it’s cute and it’s destressing! 

Quirky way 4

I started the new year by having a lazy meal with parents. In this hectic world we give less and less time to family. And all they want is to spend quality time with you and know that you’re happy! It was sweet and a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Quirky way 5

Now to the best one yet… Don’t forget your partner. In the hectic socialisong, parties, networking era staying bonded with the person you love the most is difficult. So this time the husband decided to pamper me. He cooked a delicious meal opened a bottle of champagne and watched a movie. Lying on the sofa cuddled with him and my pet kids feeling the warmth of love was the best way to feel like I was on holiday! 
 We ended the day with a couples massage too! We walked over to a spa and pampered ourselves completely!  Relaxed and loved was the best way to start the new year! 

You get the idea right? 

The idea is to do what you would do on a holiday but this time do it at home! 

How would you celebrate your holiday at home?! 

Happy 2016 every one! 



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