Yes, it is true. I am staying back in town while everyone I know is travelling away from this city or is coming back here to visit family for holiday time. Me, I am right here, working. Though holiday being a holiday means low productivity on the day. So here I am wondering is it a crime to not travel? Don’t get me wrong if I got the opportunity to I would in a jiffy. I just couldn’t. These long weekends make me wonder about two things:

  1. Has travelling become a fad rather than something one does for inner peace, explorations and joy? And
  2. What is it that I can do to feel like I am on holiday but actually not travel!

Hmmm both are interesting queries and I wonder if I can do justice to answering them.


Lets tackle the first question. I believe travelling has always provided me with joy because the thrill of seeing a new place, new people, their ways of life, history, culture, sounds, all provide a new perspective to life. And it humbles me, that I am just a speck in the bigger picture, just another person going about trying to make my life mean something when in the end everyone is doing the same. On holiday I can sit back and relax and find a whole new perspective on me without any pressures, work demands and everyday chores. So yes, I love holidays and breaks and new places but only because it adds to my life.

I assumed rather silly of me, that most people will also be feeling the same. But today it’s become fashionable to travel to far off places, to find these new un-spoilt beauties rather than actually having the desire for it. There are very few people who I know in my age group who travel because they truly love it. Some choose their destinations because its in their to do list rather than someplace they would like to know more about.


As I sit here contemplating all this I wonder if I was ever a part of this fad following group. I am proud to say no, I never wanted to travel to a place because the new “it” place or it’s cool to be known as having travelled to a destination. I travel because I genuinely have the desire to take a break, to get away from my reality and to dive into another culture, another place, and another history…


Then I come to the point of shock that people display when I say that no, I am not making the most of the long weekends, that I am sitting put, and for the first time I am glad. I would actually love to see this city I call home during the festivities. How does Mumbai actually celebrate? I want to find a way to feel like I am on holiday, to find a way to escape reality while sitting right in the middle of it.


So, if you want to know how to make your home city your holiday escape please look out for my next post when I will list the ways and means to make this happen. Because I will!


Stay Quirky!


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