It’s Christmas eve. A fun chill is in the air especially for a city like Mumbai where winters don’t come, we just hope for it… and yet this year it’s slightly chillier than what we are used to. And here I am sipping my hot cocoa and looking at some old pictures from another time when I used to own


clothes, jackets, sweaters, hoodies, boots…


Festivities either makes us forget all our problems, as we are too busy in our merriment or they remind us of everything that we have lost or don’t have.



I am a victim to my heart. I follow it more than I follow my brain. It works half the time and the other half it backfires.


This is where the real point lies. What is dancing in the rain? For most people it brings up an image of childhood, when we laughed, played and danced in the rain. For some it brings out weather issues they face especially if you have a cruel rainy season. I will include my city as that. For me though the picture is quite different…


For me its about dealing with whatever comes your way and learning to enjoy it.


Rains can be a pain in the ass and yet if you learn to dance in it you would look at the bright side because there is always a bright side that we are unable to see. We only see clearly when we look into the past.


So here’s a wish for Santa… and the Christmas cheer I would like to send out… Hope you dance in the rain!


Stay quirky!





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