In married life it is extremely difficult to always keep it exciting. And yes, i face the very same issue! Being very conscious I definitely try during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, etc etc etc…

This is a delayed post on The Husband’s birthday. I previously told you what i did last year and how i was at a loss this year. I was running out of ideas, of what he would want to do this year. And him being a complete unenthusiastic bore didn’t help the case!!  You see his personality is to underplay everything exciting in his life. He loves it when i make it exciting and yet he would ask me not to make such a big deal about it. Men!!! Right?

Well boys will be boys and keeping that in mind i started on my journey of making it a fantastic day of fun and celebrations for him.

Now the particulars: His birthday was on a weekday and the most boring day of the week – Monday! So i decided to work backwards and planned a cosy dinner with parents. Simple, cute and something we all love. The night before being a sunday i told him i will be your slave! he could now order me around doing as he wishes at all times and me not doing a chooo!! Yes, it was a fun day for him and well somewhat interesting one for me. He even told me to give a massage while he was eating a snack! The man knew how to pull his punches!

I had baked a sweet cake for him which we cut at midnight and brought in his birthday. He loved every minute of it. Yay!

Bringing in the Birthday

Bringing in the Birthday

On saturday i had planned a pub hopping night with some of his friends. I was unable to keep it a secret… so the surprise element disappeared and i had to come up with something fast!!

I brainstormed (with myself) all Friday and an idea came to me. it was so different, something i know he or his friends had never done. i knew he would never be able to guess. i knew he would love it. And it was very simple.

The main problem of a pub hop is cars. People are always either hitching rides or not drinking. To avoid this issue and to give some sort of surprise i decided to hire a bus. In India we don’t have the concept of a party bus. So i found a mini school bus, yes you got that right, a bus that in the day would be picking and dropping kids! A yellow coloured one too!

The husband was completely unaware of this. I asked a friend to ride the bus and get it to the first pub. We had a few drinks and walked out all talking about whose sharing the car with who when we all stopped in front of the bus. He just couldn’t believe it.

To see my husband giddy with excitement just like a school boy was just amazing and i believe i was successful in making his birthday special right then.

So this was my quirky way to make a fun day even more special. I believe special is a very personal word. What may be special to me may not be to him or to you. Still what do you think? Was i quirky enough?

As always Stay Quirky!

Feeding our Babies the Birthday Cake!

Feeding our Babies the Birthday Cake!


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