We had a torturous Thursday when our flights to Kashmir were cancelled. we headed back home sad, disheartened and heartbroken. It was our first wedding anniversary and had wanted to do something special. Our special had just been cancelled.

The next day we sat down brainstorming what to do, whether to go somewhere or since it was so last minute just leave it be. But both of us remained upbeat and determined to make it special. We called friends and family, researched online trying to figure what to do, where to go? All the places close to Mumbai were booked and full. Still we didn’t give up! One of the suggestions we had is a vineyard near Mumbai. We hadn’t heard much of it. yet it was pretty much the option.

On saturday morning our bags were packed yet again ready to head off! But where??? We had no idea!!! I think that was the best part. The husband decided to run a last minute errand so we had an extra hour to decide!

Before we headed off we were hungry! On the way but still in the city we decided to fill our growling tummies!


Shiv Sagar Special Pav Bhaji

IMG_2599Yes! you see it right! That’s a big, giant blob of butter!!!

This is as junk as it gets! We both decided to forget all about healthy meals and junk it out. We deserved it!!

Now what is a better way to start a holiday???

Back on the journey we were still calling all our other options. During this research we realised many great options for a weekend away from Mumbai. On that some other time. Let me focus!

So last minute we just randomly picked one of the vineyards in Nashik near Mumbai. It was very new (only 7 months old since open to public) so it definitely it wouldn’t be commercial and full of people. It was our First anniversary and we didn’t want to be apart of a commercial place full of crowds.

Decided and then on our way.


Soon after a drive of three hours through beautiful scenery and getting a bit lost, we found our vineyard!



A delight not yet found! Beautiful, serene, calm, peaceful, warm, friendly and full of wine!!!

We were bewitched!

We were really excited, our first anniversary celebrated in such a gorgeous place. It made it truly special!

There is not much to do there except relax, soak in the view, which by the way is spectacular, smell the grapes growing around you and drink some wine. Its a perfect getaway spot for the weekend.

Surprisingly the food at the restaurant in Soma was really really yum. I had not expected such good quality from them but i was very impressed. The desserts could have been better but we were not complaining. The wine cocktails they made were also yum!

Sangria, cheese and the view at Soma

Sangria, cheese and the view at Soma

On our anniversary dinner though we did head out to the neighbouring vineyard Sula. It is only 3km away. We wanted a change. There we dined at La Plage restaurant (yes the same one as Goa). Again no complaints with the food or the wine. And again i was thrilled i was staying at Soma and not Sula as it was filled with people and a bit too commercial for my taste. I guess 5-7 years ago it would be just the kind of place i would have loved. Not today though…

There was not much entertainment around except for the wine tasting and winery tour. This was enough for us. We just wanted to hang out with each other. Talk, play games, drink wine, swim….perfect!

Service at Soma was okay. it could be better. But then again it is not a five star or a very commercial property and still fairly young. The staff was warm and friendly.

Our villa had about 7 rooms and a swimming pool. There are 2 such villas and a club house that is the host to the restaurant and the Reception.

Here are some of the pictures from Soma Vineyards, where we celebrated our First Anniversary.

IMGL4765 copy

IMGL4767 copy

IMGL4846 copy

Soma Wines

IMGL4874 copy

Our Villa

IMGL4920 copy

IMGL4919 copyimage13 IMGL4945 copyIMGL4972 copy


Cheers to many such travels!

Point to Note – Always stay Quirky!!!!


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