Beautiful snow capped mountains, Lakes, Hot Kahwa, Jackets, caps and boots, Snow man, snow fights, skiing… were all things that I have been looking forward to since I booked my tickets to visit Kashmir.

I had booked tickets to Srinagar almost six months in advance seeing the prices were low. It was to be a gift for The Husband to celebrate our First anniversary.

Woolen jackets, socks, caps were bought excitedly. Bags were packed. And we were ready to go…


Yet luck was not on our side. We flew Mumbai to Delhi (our direct Mumbai to Srinagar flight was changed to connecting via Delhi) where on the gate after a couple of hours delay the flight was cancelled. Bad weather…

Yet we consoled ourselves. We would waste a day of our leaves but still lets look on positively and get the next flight out to Srinagar. On asking for the same we were informed the next available flight was a few days later that was the date of our planned return. We were bummed out. Sad. Our leaves wasted, we also didn’t have a plan to celebrate our first anniversary. We wanted to do something special. Anyway let me tell you more on that later. As of now we were still stuck at the airport!

I wanted to get a full refund on the ticket, as it was not our fault.

1) We didn’t book a connecting flight. We had booked a direct that was changed by the airline.

2) The airline cancelled the flight.

3) We stay in Mumbai. So it was only fair they return us home for free.

So I went running after the right people. First there was complete chaos. Second no one knew what had to be done. We were not able to speak to people in charge. So I kept running around the airport. Chasing them.

Finally after 8 to 9 hours I met the duty manager who comforted me and told me we will be returned to Mumbai the same evening and a full refund would be provided.

He only asked us to follow up with the Mumbai airport staff to write from their end a note. At first I argued with him that to inform and to do all this was their job not mine. One day of my leave had been completely wasted. Why?

Still after almost 9 hours I was extremely tired so I agreed. I just wanted to leave the Delhi terminal!! I now totally understand how Tom Hanks felt in the movie The Terminal!! How I desperately wanted to just leave…

We had left home in the morning at 7:00 am and boarded a return flight back home to Mumbai at 8:00 pm.

We reached Mumbai airport thinking all we have to do is tell the flight staff at the airport and we could go home and sleep. Amidst chaos, tears and tiredness all we wanted to do was hit our beds.

But that was not to be.

Mumbai staff was just as bad if not worse than the Delhi one. No body wanted to take responsibility. They claimed innocence, ignorance and all we did in the meantime was sitting and waiting. And waiting. After an hour tempers were rising. All I could do was smash someone’s head. I am not an angry person by nature but I realized I could be extremely scary when angered! It was visible by the way the staff acted then. At least they were more respectful!

It was not our fault and they had been all along acting as if we were the criminals.

Finally around midnight we were informed that it was all done and we would be refunded the full flight price. Relieved we headed back home. We were still sad but holoidays can be booked again. Trying desperately to look at the bright side we reached home. Sad. Disheartedned.

A few days later I called the service numbers of the airlines and was informed that only half the money was to be refunded. We had used one leg of the journey… what???? Why???? You took us there!

I am still fighting with them. Lets hope we get the full refund!

By the way the airline we took was Indigo. Its supposed to be a good, trust worthy no frills airline. My experience has told me something else. Indigo airline is chaotic, unplanned, blame-shifters, disorderly and rude.

Now that I have relieved myself by telling you about my harrowing day, watch out for my next post! How we still celebrated our anniversary the way we wanted and didn’t let anyone change that for us!

Important lesson –  Amidst chaos Stay Quirky!


3 thoughts on “AIRPORT

  1. Oh my god, what a horrible experience. I think won’t ever fly with Indigo after reading that. I’m looking forward to reading about your celebration. Good to hear you didn’t let it be ruined by Indigo 🙂

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