A string of pearls, a low bun with tendrils falling on the face, make up highlighting the high cheekbones, eyes shining bright and mouth containing a big smile. A girl consciously and unconsciously dreams of her big day. In her dreamy eyes it is supposed to be her perfect day. She will do whatever it takes to make it so. Some turn into bridezillas! And some go through with it in quiet dignity. We, each have our own quirky ways of dealing with dreams turning into reality.

How you will behave on the D-Day no one can say. Even you may not be able to predict what you will say or do in the chaos of a wedding, be it a big fat (Indian) wedding or a quiet family one.

Run up to the wedding is the most exciting and hence, I have put up a list of five quirky things a bride to be must do. This is not a typical list, which of course you will find in abundance everywhere.

Quirkthing 1:

Spend a weekend away with your closest friend/ sister.

Bachelorette parties are for every girlfriend you have. This though is to have a fun time with your sister, friend or the closest of your school friends. Share your excitement, plans, and fears, remember old times… just relax, get massages, drink cocktails, indulge in a little cake… Don’t wait for other people to plan this for you. They may, they may not. Also they will probably do something they think you want, which may be different from what you want. So just relax, unwind and don’t have a plan or agenda for this time out. Otherwise it wont be a time out.
If a weekend away isn’t possible, plans do get cancelled due to wedding pressures, family pressures, work pressures and social pressures, then try for a pajama night in her house or a hotel room. That’s the next best. So curl up on a sofa, get popcorn, get your special wine and watch old time favorites!!! Whats a better way to unwind??!!!

Quirkthing 2:

Learn a dirty dance!

You may have been with your man for a year or ten years or maybe you just met him. You will always need excitement in your life. There is nothing better than thrilling your man with some naughty lingerie and a dirty dance. And it’s a lot of fun!! It makes the run up to the wedding seem exciting and enjoyable. So wear a sexy dress and join a thrilling naughty dance class!! There are many available. Even in Mumbai and Delhi. So find one! It will be worth it!

Quirkthing 3:

Surprise your fiancé!

He’s stressed. After all he’s getting married. Fears of responsibility, losing his freedom, his friends, finances, etc etc etc are clogging his mind. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to marry you. He wants to. We all have fears. He too. So surprise him with something that he will appreciate. It doesn’t have to be with you. In fact let him know you care for him by arranging/ doing something fun for him.
For instance, four of my husband’s closest friends couldn’t make it to his bachelor trip. So I got in touch with them (I didn’t even know one of them since he lived away from home and was arriving just hours before the wedding). Planned to draw my husband out of his home, get a hotel room, and let the boys take over. We kept it minimal. I stayed out of the get together; I wanted to let him steam off just with the boys. Believe me he loved it! And it made me happy coz he couldn’t stop saying how special it made him feel and only I could do it.

Quirkthing 4:

Go on a date with your first love… your father!

He tended you when you were hurt, encouraged you when you needed it, kissed you to take away your fears and pushed you to make the most of life. And he is the most threatened and insecure by the new arrival of a man in your life. Take him out for dinner, just you two and enjoy each other’s company. Your mother will feel left out perhaps and it’s really your call if you want either parents or one. I would pick to go out just with him. No better way to tell him he’ll always be your special man.

Quirkthing 5:

Do something you haven’t done in years.

Bake a cake, have a pillow fight, paint, do yoga, get a pedicure, go for bowling or paintballing…
Do something that you really enjoy or enjoyed in the past and haven’t for a while. It will be tough to switch off your brain from all the planning and wedding chaos. If you are anything like me then you’re obsessing over details that really don’t matter in the big picture. So take a break. Switch off, if only for a short while. And actually enjoy your wedding. Don’t try too hard to enjoy. Just enjoy, which will happen if you give yourself time off from it and absorb in something else completely.

Hope this list helps. It did work for me. Here are a few other tips/ advise from a recent bride:

1) get a massage
2) a smiling bride is prettier than a starved bride. So relax if you are slightly over weight.
3) If you want your fiancé to do something special then tell him in clear terms or don’t expect it. He’s not a mind reader.
4) Don’t have too many expectations. Things never go totally as planned. So keep in mind and don’t get hyper if it isn’t.
5) Talk to your photographer if you want specific pictures or share some pictures from your research. The more specific you are the better.
6) Have reference pictures for everything. So there is no confusion and nothing is lost in translation.
7) If possible do trials for hair and make up looks. If your artist and stylist wont then do it yourself to see what you’ve chosen as your look actually works. Models and real people are very different.
8) Be Quirky!

So that’s it from me for now.
Stay Quirky!





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