Hello World!!!

So i have been extremely tied up, a lot has been happening on the personal front. Yes, as you can guess I am getting married:)

At first it was all sweet. i had so many ideas, so many plans that i was living in a dream world. once i started trying to execute those ideas i woke up with a shock. How to make your dream wedding come true? or will it remain just a dream?

Along with this my younger brother is also going to get married, mostly a weekend before mine:)!!! So there will be double fun all the way! The real problem is i need to buy and plan a bit for his wedding as well. So much shopping!! Yay:)!!!! everything so expensive:( No no no….

The real challenge is to make sure i do all that i want to do in a limited budget. And do it on time.

So my plan is to use this blog to document my journey through this crazy wedding market out there (believe me all the prices are extreme and hiked up by at least 400%) and make sure i time everything correctly!

So i started by making a checklist that needs to be done. Here it is:

1) start looking at bridal wear to understand my taste and make note of the designers i like.

2) i dont plan to buy too many clothes for my trousseau but this is what i think i need to buy- the Trousseau list:

4 light saris, 3-4 semi formal suits, 7-8 casual dresses, 3 formal dresses, 6-7 semi formal tops, 2 pairs of good jeans, 2 pairs of good trousers, 2 nice heels, 2 casual shoes

i think this should be sufficient. I have written estimates as when i go shopping i really don’t know what or how many i’ll end up buying!! So keeping a margin.

3) Research on good (but affordable) photographers, videographers, make-up artists, Dj’s, bands, instrumental, etc

4) Start ideating and looking at venues

5) Find a planner

6) Google search for decors that i like, themes i can have

7) Save the dates ( email that i will send out to everyone in advance so they can start booking tickets and get ready for the wedding on time)

8) Wedding favours – i want to give something fun or sweet, and if possible something personalised to close friends and family besides the mithai… lets see if i can pull this off at a decent budget!

9) wedding invitations

10) wedding jewellery

11) research on some cute ideas that can be done to make the wedding a cute personal and fun event.

12) LOSE WEIGHT …. like majorly!!!

13) Nominate a friend and your sister for a bachelorette!!! Give her  the email addresses or contact info of everyone!

14) Discuss and research on honeymoon:)

15) Try to enjoiy this journey!

Dream Wedding: Small personalised fun wedding where even i enjoy!!! and everyone takes back special memories.


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