Eggs are full of protein, most easily available and apparently

image_4very easy to cook.

I disagree.

Eggs are dicey. They are fragile. They crack when one is too rough with them. At least that is my experience. I exercise and a must eat food is eggs. Eating them day in and day out means I need to find variations to them. But first… Do I even know how to boil eggs?



You need:

Eggs (as many as you are boiling)

A heavy pan (better if with a handle and a lid)

Salt and pepper

A spoon


Step 1: Pour water in the pan.

Step 2: Put the eggs. Make sure there is enough water to cover the eggs.

Step 3: Put the pan on fire. Cover it with a lid. 

Step 4: On slow flame let it come to a boil.

Step 5: Turn off the gas

Step 6: Keep the eggs in it for another five minutes

Step 7: Remove the eggs from the water using a table spoon.

Step 8: Hold the eggs under cold running water. (This stops the cooking).

Step 9: Peel them.

Step 10: Cut in half lengthways.

Step 11: put salt and pepper as required and eat!!!


There is a different way to boil eggs as well (if you can believe that!) but I find this one easier.








I love half boiled eggs as well! Though I just didn’t know how to figure when it’s half boiled and when fully boiled. I discovered that the basic cooking method is the same as above till step 5. The only difference comes in step 6.

Step 1- Step 5: As written above

Step 6: keep the eggs in water for one minute.

Step 7: Remove the eggs from water with a table spoon.

Step 8: Hold the eggs under cold running water to stop cooking.

Step 9: Crack the egg, put in a cup/ bowl

Step 10: Put salt and pepper as desired and eat!!!


I do love baking. I keep trying my hand at it. And the most common thing one must know is how to separate eggs. There are about three different ways to do this. I think!

So here I present to you the three variations.

Common in all three methods:

Make sure the eggs are not in the refrigerator. They should have been sitting out for at least 30 Minutes.


Take a folk. Pat the egg in the middle gently (so you don’t break the egg completely) till one clear crack appears.


Leave the folk.

Using both hands hold the egg with your thumbs (both please!) and gently put pressure. The egg will immediately break in two. Don’t let go!!

Gently pull apart

Gently pull apart

Now you’ve got to act as if you are mixing the two broken shells! Keep a bowl below for the white as it will slowly drip out and you will be left with the yolk!


In this method the tricky and most important bit is the crack you make with the folk.


Again gently tap the egg with a folk.


Put pressure on it with your thumbs. Make sure the bowl stays below your egg.

Put your fingers tightly held together under and pour the white out and let the yolk site between your fingers.




Slip it gently into the bowl you need it in.

As you can imagine the tricky bit again is the crack you make with the folk as it will determine the separation of whites and egg. It shouldn’t be very hard as it will mix the white and yolk together or even break the egg. It shouldn’t be too less as too many repeated pats on the egg as well would not give you separation.

Don’t worry though all it takes is a little bit of practice.

And once you’ve figured where to crack and with how much pressure you will be sorted!

Please observe the pictures for where I have made the crack. As for the pressure… just do it confidently!

Though remember overconfidence has many a times spoiled eggs for me!


This is apparently the easiest but the most time consuming. It is my least favorite method not only because it takes time but also because I seem to have no control.

Hold the egg with the tip at the bottom. Put a bowl under it. Make tiny hole at the tip. The hole needs to be really tiny! Let the white drip out. It will take time so have patience. All you will have in the end is the yolk!

Sounds easy but when you have many eggs to separate it can be frustrating.

Anyway the choice really is yours. Though my recommendation would be choice between the first and second method. It will take between one and two attempts to figure the crack and pressure point. Once you figure it out its fast and easy!


  • To get a perfectly centered yolk put the pointy side of the egg facing downward in the fridge.
  • Basic baking rule especially for separating whites and eggs – put the eggs out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before starting the process.
  • If you have boiled more eggs than you will eat put in the fridge but make sure you make a mark with a marker. They can easily get mixed up!

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